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Hello from Clare Mason - Chairwoman

posted 4 Oct 2016, 16:44 by OLOR PA Association
Hello all,

I am posting quickly to say thank you all very much for your kind support and... for those that were able to come to the PA meeting on 26th September - thank you for allowing me the opportunity to step forward as Chair of the PA for our lovely school.

For those that don't know me, I am a parent at the school with 2 sons having already left (yr 7,9) and one son still remaining in yr 5. I also have a younger 19 month old daughter. Yes, family life is busy! I also am a freelance drama practitioner so you may also recognise my name (and hea my loud voice!) as I run the after school drama clubs at OLOR as well as another school. I certainly would not have put myself forward as chair if it wasn't for the fact I know I have a very dedicated team of other parents with and behind me.

The school newsletter will formally introduce the main committee members and I would like to thank them all for stepping up. However, we the committee are nothing without YOUR help, ideas and support. There is a massive wave of enthusiasm and good spirit seeping through the school at the moment. This year particularly is a great year to get involved as its the school's 50th Anniversary. Please please come along to any PA meetings and to any 'event specfic' meetings that will be arranged.
Details will be in the newsletter and posted on this PA page. I know how busy work/family life is - so even if you can't make a meeting but want to be involved, register your interest to help/offer ideas on the individual event FB pages which will soon appear (kind souls are stepping up to put all these things in place!)

A PA email address will also be available soon for you to email any fundraising/ event ideas you would like the committee to consider. I would very much hope you can kindly hare what you read here with any new parents to the school who may not be familiar to this PA page. Please introduce yourself to me in person if I do not already know you. I hope you find I am an approachable sort - albeit usually with a toddler on my hip and possibly breakfast in my hair! I am not at the gate too often as my son catches the coach, but I am sure our paths will cross!

We (committee and webmistress!) are working very hard to ensure we put everything in place (event fb pages/one central pa email/ and even a formal PA constitution!) to make sure every single parent at this school has a voice and a chance to contribute in any way. Furthermore, we aim to ensure all those involved in committees and working groups feel supported at all times. Please bear with us if this takes a little time while we the new committee find our feet.We are extremely delighted and grateful to have this wonderful opportunity and sincerely hope to give your children and yourselves some very cherished and fun memories of time spent at Our Lady of Ransom.

Thank you all again, Clare (Chair) and Committee.