Learner Voice at Our Lady of Ransom

We want to create a culture at Our Lady of Ransom where learner voice 
is valued and intentionally facilitated throughout the school.   

We want learners to be able to demonstrate high levels of engagement in and ownership of the school.

We want them to be involved in school improvement and change, 
working collaboratively with staff and governors to develop school improvement priorities.

We are creating a range of strategies in order that Learner Voice can be developed.

Pupil involvement in Termly Learning Conferences

In the Autumn term (2015) our pupils prepared fo

 In the Autumn term (2015) our School Council were asked to choose a 
school improvement focus that they would like to choose as a project for this academic year.  
They have chosen to look at handwriting.  Click on the link above to see how the project develops

We want our pupils to take ownership of and express a stake in the learning environment.  
We want all of our spaces throughout the school to be conducive to learning.
Our School Council took part in a Learning Walk in December 2015.
Click on the link above to see further details. 

Pupil Survey ~ January 2016

COMING SOON ~ Class Learning Forums