Our Local Governing Committee

Our Local Governing Committee meet twice each term to plan and monitor the continuing development and smooth running of the school.  All governors work together to achieve what is in the best interests of the school community.  Foundation governors are particularly charged with ensuring the maintenance of the school’s Catholic character and ethos.  The fulfilment of statutory requirements placed on Local Governing Committees by successive governments makes up a significant part of their duties and include the admission of pupils; the appointment and employment of staff;            the school’s curriculum and target-setting; health and safety; planning and monitoring the management and expenditure of a £1 million plus budget amongst others. 

Below is a list of our Local Governing Committee members.

Mrs. Tina Rance -  Chair  (

Fr. Paul Fox - Foundation Governor

Mrs Claire Fryer - Foundation Governor

Mrs Sarah Graham - Foundation Governor

 Mrs Katherine Abel - Foundation Governor

Mr Paul Hyatt - Foundation Governor

Mr. Paul Dulieu - Parent Governor

Mrs. Yasmin Udugba - Parent Governor

Mrs. Nicola Tilley - Staff Governor

Mrs. Anne Marie Chester -  Associate Governor